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« Free software activists should accept that software freedom is not an isolated issue, with its own, completely independent value set, but is just one aspect of a wider struggle for justice, and that we can never achieve full software justice under capitalism. Once freed from this isolated logic, the next obvious step is integrating it into our advocacy, critiques, and educational material. »

@lunar I guess it's also because advocating only for free software is way more easy than advocating for a whole new society ?

I agree with this article, but explaining the whole situation is very boring for the persons you're talking with 😛
Part of that is because if they don't see the problem about non-free software, why they would see it about a non-free society ?🤔

I like this article, it makes me thing, but there is no easy answers, as often...

Lunar @lunar

I think it's actually easier to understand how wrong is it for Apple to decide when and where you can listen to the music they sold you than to explain what are DRM…
Explaining issues in terms of power issues rather than technicalities usually works best in my experience.

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