“Study: Why Some Men Become Crybabies When Asked to Wear a Mask”, Rebecca Watson

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Huu... What about Karens?

The study : sounds interesting,despite not revolutionising gender studies

The reading of the lady in the video : unnecessary far-fetched extrapolation to force her narrative, failing completely to explain the fact that pandemic negationnism is a non-gendered issue

@kiudecan Why are you telling me that? I don’t care about what you think of Rebecca Watson.

@lunar ?? I dont care either about what I think about this person, as I dont think anything in particular, not knowing her at all.

I do comment the content of the video you shared though.. which I supposed is the whole purpose of sharing material on social platforms, as they foster exchanges and circulation of ideas.. but hey, what do I know

@kiudecan Please learn to approach other people respectfully. I have not solicited your opinion.

@lunar you perceived the original comment as agressive ? I'm interested to have your point of vie. As I see it I commented the content and did not target anybody personally, whether the videomaker or you.
But I'd like to know your perception of it

@kiudecan Just go away now. Learn your lesson: approach people you don’t know carefully and respectfully.

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