“The story will have to go like this: We were angry at the financial status quo and instead of finding the answers and strength of purpose within ourselves to build a more fair, democratic and just society we instead decided to put our faith in an anarchist technical fantasy that solved nothing and only escalated irreversible damage to our climate. And now it’s your generation’s problem.

I don’t want to tell my children that story.” — Stephen Diehl

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Technical fantasies are no anarchy. They can't be further away. They are a planned, socially engineered delusion. Just like the self regulated market delusion.


Bitcoin doesn't solve all the worlds problems - this isn't a reason to vilify those who see it as useful.

BTC uses the same energy we all do; if we were green Bitcoin would be too.

What are you writing that to me? What do you expect will happen?
You are not giving me any reason to stop calling out selfish uses of energy.

@lunar Then far be it from me to halt your crusade

@skells Interesting how you’ve just turned what amounts to some sound criticisms into a “crusade”. Nobody is getting killed here—except those who suffer from our polluted environment.

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