🔥 I finished my CSS transition & animation demo, 100% CSS + SVG + HTML.
Left is a transition between day/night, built with CSS transition. Right is built with CSS animations. All fully responsive.

👀 codepen demo if you want to look at the code: codepen.io/stephaniewalter/ful

You can unroll those for the whole "step by step process" twitter.com/WalterStephanie/st
TLDNR: I drew the illustrations with Adobe Illustrator iPad beta, exported those to SVG then hand coded it all in codepen.

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I hesitate between writing a short article or recording a tutorial video to highlight some of the fun parts and some of the "stuff about SVG I wish I knew before starting coding this", there's fun things going on with CSS variables and some clamp units :)

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@stephaniewalter It would be amazing. I have learned so much by looking at the code already. Huge thanks.

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