« Crash Override » de Zoë Quinn

Un livre à lire pour tou·te·s celleux qui s'intéressent aux violences initiées en ligne.
Zoë Quinn raconte les violences et le harcèlement qu'elle a subi, pourquoi il n'est pas question qu'elle déserte Internet, comment elle a trouvé de la force en créant un réseau d'entraide, et donne de très nombreux conseils basés sur son expérience.

“Trying to punish those who perpetuate online abuse with “a taste of their own medicine” is a very shortsighted approach that makes me tear my hair out anytime I see it pop up. […] Abuse isn’t solved by more abuse, and your actions can end up harming the original victim as well. One of the big motivating factors behind online abuse is a failure of empathy, and focusing on who is a “deserving” target rather than which behaviors are unacceptable is a good way to continue down a dehumanizing path.”

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“If you’re trying to ’expose’ someone’s horrible behavior, ask yourself if the person whom you’re ’exposing’ is likely to ever be ashamed of what they’ve done.”

“Hate spreads, and so can help—if we commit to making it happen.”

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