I really wish Mastodon would discourage mentions to non-mutuals. Like maybe hiding the “reply” button behind the menu and probably label it differently. Or maybe provide the reply button but without filling it with a mention… Anyway, the current situation leads to trash interactions.

@shikayachan @lunar Are you talking about general mentions or replies from someone who doesn't follow you? Because in that last case, you can publish toots to "followers only".

@FredricT @lunar That's not exactly that. If you toot in "follower only", it can't be retoot, and sometimes you want answer from people not in your follower or following, you want it be seen on the public channel. But it expose you at response from people you didn't want to interact with (extrem example n*z* and terf, medium example mansplaning)

@shikayachan @lunar I understand. Would a "within X relationships from me" limit answer your needs?

@FredricT @lunar A feature could do that ? That would be neat !
Yes, like "I want the follower of the follower of my follower only to see the post"

@shikayachan @lunar Not that I know of. You could file a ticket and hope someone does it.

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