Today we've updated the Librem One website with two important documents:

A short guide to staying safe online no matter what online service you are using. Like our policy document we've kept it short and to the point, with links to more detailed, independent resources if you'd like to learn more.

As well as a code of conduct that makes it clear we will respond to reports of harassment, for example on Librem Social, our opt-in social network.


“If you see something illegal, report it to the relevant authorities. They are best equipped to handle illegal content.”

Seriously, have you ever talked to a trans person about how their interactions with the “relevant authorities” usually go?

In some places in the world, governments have explicit laws in place to target gay and queer folks. Do you believe that makes it fair for their resident to experience homophobic hate speech?

I'd like to assume you are better than that.

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