Mastodon Blocker

“This [command-line] tool allows you to mass-block people on Mastodon. This is an emergency tool when you're being harassed by a mob. It helps to block people faster. Ideally, they are blocked before they even harass you. And yes, innocent people will get caught up in this. But when you're being harassed by a mob, maybe that's the kind of trade-off you're willing to make.”

@lunar I'm confused as to what this actually does.

The README says it mass-blocks people. But who?

The example shows it blocking the author of a toot when given the ID of the toot (but you can already do that right from the toot in mastodon, so...) where does the "mass blocking" come in? The toot was favorited by 1 person but that the person who favorited it was not blocked, just the tooter.

So, what does this do that blocking someone from the Mastodon app doesn't? 🤔

@leadore I haven't tested it, but I understand it blocks all accounts that have either favorited or boosted a toot as well as the account which sent the toot itself.

@lunar Yeah, looking at the code that seems to be what it is doing, but the example seems to show that it was favorited by 1 account yet that account wasn't blocked, only the author's. So maybe the author was the same person that favorited it.

The Readme never states that it will block accounts that boosted or favorited. It just says it "This tool allows you to mass-block people on Mastodon" without defining what that means. Unless you examine the code and know the Masto API, you can't tell.

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