Now away from the crowd, it's time to watch some talks from ! ↘️

(I'll try to update thread after each one.)


“Safe and Secure Drivers in High-Level Languages”

In a past life, I toyed with Haskell to write a proto operating system. So I'm really glad to see people prooving that drivers should better be written in other languages than C. The talk is quite fast and technical but easy to follow if you know the basics of operating sytsem development. Makes me want to check out the code and compare the implementions and how each language shines…

@lunar galoy has also write drivers in haskell (quite some years ago actually), they were creating more or less haskell on xen, it's quite fascinating

@bram @lunar now, when I get the time I'll try to implement GFA BASIC as an LLVM backend so they can also write drivers with it :D

@bram @lunar some years ago the trend was more towards trying to write meta-drivers to compile those into C code, like with Rathaxes… but IIRC they never went past the serial port driver.

@bram @lunar btw, the question question about single reads is not so easily answered: atomic read sometimes is actually implemented as two reads to make sure no single byte has been updated, although it's just in antique architectures which lack proper atomic instructions. Like 64bit atomic ops on 32bit sometimes are done this way.

@bram @lunar (ie. you read once, twice, and keep reading until the last two match)

@lunar aw he's talking fast :D
I wonder how well bash drivers would work in Haiku :D
More seriously, we already use some C++ in kernel space, possibly we could have some rust or go support as well to experiment.

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