Dear @disroot, I have been wondering for a very long time what would happen if any kind of cops knock at your door and asks for user information. Would you fight such a request? Would you tell the user? Would you comply to your local laws straightforwardly?
This question comes because many are comparing Disroot with @riseup or and I wish you were more transparent about that.
Thank you very much for the hard work, I have been very happy with my Disroot account yet :)

Republishing the rant on Signal that will evolve with harm reduction advices on Signal usage:

hello !
I can't load from the Tor Browser, even though it works in the clearnet and with the .onion
Is that expected?

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Le soir du nouvel an une vingtaine de personnes sont montées au sommet du Lion Rock, qui domine la cité de #HongKong, pour afficher en lettres lumineuses géantes : « Libérez les prisonniers politiques de Hong Kong ». Photos du Hong Kong Free Press

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Tails 3.0 est sorti ! À vos mises à jour !

Cette nouvelle version est basée sur Debian Stretch qui sort officiellement ce week-end. En plus de mettre à jour l'ensemble des logiciels, elle contient de nombreuses amélioration dont le nouvel écran de démarrage.

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